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Chiropractic and Children


It’s Never Too Early for Chiropractic


Misalignments of the spine can occur at any time.  The first one may very well have occurred at your baby’s birth.  That is why many parents who understand the importance of chiropractic care have their newborns examined by their chiropractor as soon after birth as possible.  By correcting misalignments at an early age, the damage that may show itself from functioning at less than optimal levels can be prevented.  The longer a misalignments is present, the greater the damage it may cause.  In addition, the longer this problem continues, the longer your child’s body will continue to grow improperly!


“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree!”


Many of the people who have come into our office for the first time as an adult would have benefited from received regular chiropractic care as children.

Newport News Chiropractor | Newport News chiropractic Chiropractic and Children |  VA |

Q & A 


Q:        Do chiropractic treatments replace other forms of medical care for children?

A:       Adjustments can be used in conjunction with medical care. Chiropractic care is an excellent choice when looking for a noninvasive, drug-free approach for many children and families. Many people do choose chiropractic care for their children for acute and chronic problems, as well as a preventive approach to many health challenges.


Q:        Can birth cause any spine problems?

A:       Many babies are born with slight damage to their spines. Serious injuries such as dislocations and fractures are usually noticed at the time of birth but many times minor problems go unnoticed, and parents are left with an apparently healthy but unhappy baby.

However, slight damage to your baby's spine may cause several problems, leading to an irritable baby and desperate parents. These include:

·         Colic

·         Poor feeding

·         Unsettled sleep patterns

·         Crying, restless, easily startled

·         Unhappy lying on his back

·         Prefers to feed on one side

·         Reflux

·         Tendency to face one side

·         Plagiocephaly, or flat head


Q:        How can chiropractic treatment help my baby?

A:       Chiropractic is one of the largest fields of medicine, and uses gentle pressure and manipulation of the spine to relieve irritation on the nerves which run through the center of the spine. If the bones in the spine are even slightly twisted, this can cause varying effects through the entire body. Many chiropractors believe that all babies should have their spines assessed shortly after birth.

Birth trauma commonly results in one or multiple symptoms, all of which can be troubling for parents and the baby alike. With gentle chiropractic treatment I find these are often resolved.

Research also backs up the effect of chiropractic treatment on common baby problems.

"The benefits are obvious when parents and baby are sleeping well, feeding well and are settled and comfortable in their environment."

It is important to know that chiropractic for babies is not forceful and does not involve "cracking" type adjustments.  In fact, the adjustments are usually so gentle that many babies actually fall asleep during them!


Q:      How safe is chiropractic for a child?

A:       Chiropractic is one of the safest forms of children’s health care. A chiropractor does not adjust a baby or a child the same way as he or she adjusts an adult. A baby’s spine is very supple during the first few months of life, so the doctor of chiropractic applies only a slight pressure to make an adjustment. For older children whose spine is still made of mainly cartilage, slight pressure followed by a gentle push is all that is required to put the vertebra back in place.


Q:        When should I take my child to a chiropractor?

A:        When you want to give your child a head start in good health, you should take your child to a chiropractor. It is important to have a chiropractic exam during the first year of a child’s life as spinal trauma can occur during birth, as well as from tumbles while learning to sit up or walk. Improper lifting and carrying can also contribute to spinal stress.

Your child’s spine grows almost 50% in length during the first year. This is equivalent to a six-footer growing to nine feet in just 12 months! It’s this kind of tremendous growth and developmental changes which make a complete chiropractic examination so important in the early stages of a child’s life. If there is a problem, the earlier it is corrected the less likelihood there is of it becoming a chronic or more serious problem later in life.

Doctors of chiropractic believe it’s much more important to prevent diseases than wait till some disease occurs.


Q:        How effective is chiropractic care for children?

A:       Chiropractors have been providing safe and effective care for children for more than 100 years. Without efficacy, parents would have long ceased to seek out a doctor of chiropractic for their children. The most common conditions for which children visit a chiropractor are: earaches, neck pain, check-up, headache, upper respiratory, low back pain, allergies, asthma, enuresis, and thoracic pain. Other reasons are ADD and ADHD, colic, torticollis, insomnia, growing pains, and persistent crying in infants.


Q:        How can chiropractic care help an older child who is not ‘sick’?

A:       Chiropractors do not treat diseases, they help to correct spinal misalignments that can cause health problems. Through regular adjustments, counseling on proper nutrition, exercise, and posture, the chiropractor can help you raise a child who is structurally and functionally sound.

The number one “illness” in children is accidents. You may not realize it, but youngsters take numerous tumbles -- learning to ride a bike, or even just jumping and running around. If your child takes part in athletic activities, the “sack” of a quarterback could twist a young spine, pitching a ball can throw a vertebra out of alignment. These underlying injuries, if left uncorrected, can cause serious problems as the child grows into adulthood.

Doctors of chiropractic can do more than correct these problems. They can also help improve performance on and off the field by helping the body to function at its optimum level, naturally, and without drugs.



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